8 January 2015


Quest™ and Quazar™ debut with Quiet Mark Award

Airdri, a world leader in hand dryer development, announces the availability of its two new hand dryers, the Quest™ and Quazar™, previewed earlier this year at ISSA/Interclean in Amsterdam.

Since then these models have been submitted to the UK Noise Abatement Society for Quiet Mark assessment and both have been awarded this international mark of excellence, further demonstrating Airdri’s commitment to the development of quiet hand dryers.

Designed to comply with the standards set out by both the Quiet Mark and the American Disability Act, the Airdri Quazar™ is an ultra-slim dryer with a stunning design. The stylish, wall-mounted hand dryer comes in a variety of cover finishes – black, white, chrome or brushed stainless steel. Its contemporary design will suit any modern washroom environment, whilst being perfect for facilities limited in space.

The Airdri Quest™ also champions Airdri's commitment to noise level reduction whilst providing an energy efficient, fast drying experience. This, combined with quick and easy servicing, makes it the perfect choice for high traffic environments.

Airdri is committed to breaking down unnecessary barriers in the washroom. Too often the end user is excluded or intimidated by sound levels, poor design and physical placement of products.The shape, size, power or noise of some dryers can alienate people from using them, which has implications for effective washroom hygiene.

We are delighted that four of our models now hold the Quiet Mark. Our new models uphold the inclusive qualities identifiable with all Airdri products – reliability, design innovation, energy efficiency and low noise output - ensuring that Airdri can provide a hand dryer to meet the needs of any washroom environment.

For more information about Airdri’s 'Q' Range please call +44 (0)1865 882330, visit the website www.airdri.com or email sales@airdri.com

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