Educational establishments have a duty of care to keep the environment clean and safe for students, pupils and staff. Hand dryers are a perfect option for schools as they are a hygienic alternative to roller towels, offering less chance of cross infection. They also eliminate the risk of paper towels being strewn across floors or even thrown down toilets, causing expensive blockages and mess. However, evidence shows children of primary school age are often reluctant to use hand dryers due to fear of the loud noise emitted.

When Chesterton Primary School, which has 196 pupils in 7 classes in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, heard about a dryer with noise reduction built into its design, it knew it had found the perfect solution. The Quad™ has achieved the Quiet Mark - an international mark of excellence from the UK Noise Abatement Society. Due to its low decibel levels, the dryer is not harmful to sensitive ears, whilst also being carefully designed to be reliable and energy efficient.

An added bonus of the Quad™ is that it has a flat surface, which has enabled a colourful, adhesive vinyl to be added to its front, depicting a fun character encouraging pupils to practise good hand hygiene. Its flat surface also means that the dryer does not protrude far from the wall, creating a safer environment for lively children or the visually impaired or disabled.

Rebecca King, School Business Manager at Chesterton Primary, said: “Now we are using this quieter dryer, with a bright and colourful hand hygiene message on the front, our pupils have much better motivation to wash their hands properly. The look and feel helps to encourage the children to be more proactive about hand-washing, as they want to use the dryer for fun. This, combined with practical advice in the classroom, is really helping to get the hand hygiene message across.”

Download PDF of Chesteron Primary School case study

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