High speed hand dryers no longer have to be excessively noisy. We give great consideration to noise reduction when designing and developing our hand dryers. The Airdri Quartz and Quad hand dryers have been awarded the Quiet Mark, an international mark of excellence awarded by the UK Noise Abatement Society.

Architects and planners need to think about a range of social issues when specifying equipment, including noise. All our dryers are designed to keep noise levels to a minimum for enhanced user comfort.


How often do we consider what happens to a hand dryer once it has reached the end of its life? Under waste regulations, the waste hierarchy gives the highest priority to waste prevention and there are now European targets in place for the reduction of electrical waste.

We’ve extensively researched and developed the lifespan of our hand dryers. The life span of the Airdri Quartz is six times longer than that of other high speed hand dryers, lasting up to six years in high traffic environments where it is likely to be activated over 600 times a day. Clearly this will result in significant commercial advantage, but it also helps save unnecessary waste that often ends up in landfill.


Being aware of the power rating of a dryer is only half the story. In order to calculate the carbon emissions consumed during hand drying, we need to know not only the wattage of the dryer but also the approximate time the dryer takes to dry hands, as the longer it’s is in use, the higher the carbon emissions.