A greener look at hand dryer development

As we come to better understand the effect that our abundant use of electricity has on precious natural resources such as coal, gas and oil, there has never been a more fitting time to consider the impact of our daily activities on the environment.

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy estimates that 29% of greenhouse gas emissions in the UK come directly from our energy supply, and 17% from our businesses. As our awareness increases, so must our responsibility to protecting the environment.

Airdri has a long, historic commitment to energy efficiency – it has been a core value of ours since 1974.

In the early 1980’s we were one of the first hand dryer manufacturers in the world to innovate with environmental sustainability in mind, using automatic sensors to ensure that our dryers were never running when not needed, saving energy and helping to reduce costs.

In establishing our expertise in this area we have come to develop some of the most energy efficient hand dryers on the market. The Airdri Quazar™ runs at only 1.0kW and has been awarded the GreenSpec PASS, and a new jet dryer, soon to join the Airdri family, runs at an astonishing 0.2 kW – making it the lowest wattage hand dryer in the world.

But not only does switching to energy efficient hand dryers reduce carbon emissions and help to protect our environment; they can save you money too. On average, a standard hand dryer costs £157 a year in electricity usage, but Airdri’s newest models cost up to only £66 per year to run, with our new jet dryer costing just £6 per year. There is also a remarkable cost saving to be made when compared to paper towels, which cost around £1,460 per year to supply a busy washroom, most of which ultimately end in landfill.

Making the switch to an energy efficient solution for your washrooms is easy, and with over 40 years’ expertise in this area we have a range of hand dryer models to suit any environment. Use our cost calculator to find out how much you could save with us.