At Airdri we are not only proud of the socially inclusive way our Engineers approach the design phase of our hand dryer product development, but also of our commitment to uphold the Great British design values of quality, simplicity and functionality that are recognised internationally.

We continue to design all of our hand dryers from our lab at our headquarters in Oxford, UK with our Engineers relying on the established Great British design principles, whilst taking the time to innovate and create greener, bolder and more reliable hand dryers.

It’s likely that very few people think about what goes on underneath the hoods of our hand dryers when they use them. However every component, from the motor brushes to the filters, has been carefully designed to provide the efficiency and user comfort we are renowned for.


Our team of electrical and mechanical engineers have access to a fully functioning design and development lab and a custom-built, soundproof dryer testing facility which can accommodate up to ten products at a time.

It was in this testing facility that the Quantum hand dryer was successfully tested to a lifecycle of over 10,000 hours, with most other popular jet dryer units only lasting for approximately 1,000 hours.

We were the first hand dryer manufacturer in the world to be awarded the Quiet Mark; a seal of approval from the UK Noise Abatement Society, an accolade that enabled us to lead the way, shaping industry standards around sound level reduction.

Our Airdri Quazar model has an incredibly low sound output, making it 18% quieter than the industry standard. Operating at just 70 dBA, it is considered to be one of the quietest hand dryers on the market, allowing for normal-level human speech to continue during use.



Some customers come to Airdri looking to utilise our design and engineering expertise to develop custom hand dryers for their product portfolio, and we are always happy to help.

We also have three models in our hand dryer range that have customisable covers which are ideal for personalising with images, text or brand logos.


Contact us today to discuss custom projects, our team of expert engineers will be happy to help.

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It’s a high-speed jet dryer that boasts the lowest energy consumption on the market – just 200 watts – and has a life expectancy of around 10,000 drying hours.


Germs and viruses not only linger on surfaces, they can stay on our clothing for up to 72 hours. Ensure your workplace is protected with SteraSpace technology, learn more here: #germs #viruscontrol

Here at Airdri, we believe educating children on hand hygiene is paramount in reducing germs and viruses, particularly in today’s climate - thanks to @teachwire for covering our story on the launch of the new Kiddi Quad hand dryer #kiddiquad #handhygiene

Did you know that our new Kiddi Quad has an annual cost of just £84.00? It only takes 15-20 second drying time too! #schools #handhygiene