About The Airdri Group

The Airdri Group was founded in Oxfordshire (UK) in 1974 by business partners Peter Philipps and Peter Allen; both experienced and entrepreneurial engineers.

At a time of significant advancement in the hand drying industry they identified that there was a gap in the market for highly reliable, energy efficient and beautifully designed hand dryers to suit every washroom, and this initial spark of imagination is realised in our ever-growing hand dryer range.

Over time, the Airdri Group has evolved. Although hand dryers will always be our core business, our in-house engineering expertise has led us to explore new areas of growth. Since the 1980s, under the brand Formula Systems, we have been at the forefront of the elevator technology industry with the creation of our patented elevator door systems and speech units.

Peter Philipps’ sons, Toby and Bruce, now lead the company as Chairman and President respectively and their fathers’ vision continues to grow through the expertise of the creative team they have and continue to nurture.

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