The most advanced virus and bacteria control technology of its kind.


The combined technologies of specialist UV and Photocatalytic Disinfection (PCD) have been proven to kill the Coronavirus family, continually circulating clean, purified air 24 hours a day.

The air around us contains micro-organisms – viruses, bacteria, moulds, fungi and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These micro-organisms are the source of odours, encourage the growth of mould and spread infection.


The Technology

Germicidal Irradiation by dual UV light (Ultraviolet) kills these micro-organisms by disrupting their DNA and removing their reproductive capabilities. This UV reacts with photocatalytic oxidation forming Hydroxyl Radicals which break down VOCs.

Targeted Ozone, produced via the specialist lamp in the Air Sanitiser, gets to the hardest to reach areas breaking down contamination in the air and on all exposed surfaces. Ozone damages the cell wall of micro-organisms stopping reproduction and destroying the cell.
Each Sanitiser unit is supplied with a standard 12-month warranty. Lamps will require replacement every 12 months. Additional lamps can be purchased from Airdri.


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