The Airdri Quazar™ : The Most Inclusive Hand Dryer On The Market

Inclusivity has always been at the heart of our product development and we take pride in having a diverse product range, with hand dryers to suit every user requirement. From quiet dryers that suit the most tranquil environments to tough, durable dryers that stand the test of time in high traffic areas.

But it was not until we began to develop the Airdri Quazar™ that we started to think about the ways in which one hand dryer could satisfy all social requirements, to ensure that none of its potential users would find it off-putting, or feel excluded from using it.

Generally, when we talk of inclusivity, we refer to the intention of including people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalised. In the context of hand dryers, the main causes of social exclusion are sound levels, where children or users with learning disabilities and autism may be scared or distressed by loud noise, and “bulkiness” or size, where larger hand dryers might restrict space and ease of movement in disabled washrooms.

Operating at just 70 dBA, the Airdri Quazar™ is considered to be one of the quietest hand dryers on the market, allowing for normal-level human speech to continue during use. We have worked hard to prevent the dryer from being distracting when placed near communal areas such offices and classrooms.

It is also ADA (American’s with Disabilities Act) compliant due to its exceptionally slim line profile; it protrudes just 100mm from the wall; ensuring that space in the washroom is maximised. This is particularly important in disabled washrooms or areas of medium to high or unpredictable footfall, where crowding may occur.

These features combined make the Airdri Quazar™ accessible to individuals who may otherwise have felt marginalised by other traditional warm air hand dryers. But it is an excellent drying option for all washrooms because in addition, the Airdri Quazar™ is GreenSpec approved following an assessment of its energy conservation and waste-free operation, meaning that it not only benefits its direct users but also reflects our, and your, wider social responsibility.

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