Case Study: Helping Roadchef to refresh the travelling public for over 10 years

Roadchef is one of Britain’s leading roadside service area businesses, operating at 30 motorway and major trunk road service area locations covering the length and breadth of the UK.

Catering for over 50 million customer visits per year, in 2007 the company began a major refurbishment programme. Airdri hand dryers were selected for its widely used washroom facilities, kitchens and shower blocks.  500 units were installed across its sites. 11 years on, Airdri units remain the hand dryers of choice for Roadchef and the units can now be found in 20 Roadchef service station washrooms nationwide.

Roadchef’s washrooms are extremely important to the company’s success providing a very welcome facility to drivers who have often travelled many miles – especially those with very young or elderly passengers. The washrooms are in almost constant use seven days a week and must also cater for sudden rushes of coach parties and even multitudes of campers – often rather grubby – from seasonal events like Glastonbury or Formula 1 Racing.

Not surprisingly, the main criteria when first selecting dryers for their washrooms was that they should be robust, durable and reliable. It was also important that installation and servicing would cause minimal inconvenience and disruption to customers and staff to avoid downtime in the washrooms.

Because a number of hand dryers are often in use simultaneously, low noise output was another important consideration. Research has shown children in particular can be intimidated by excessive noise deterring them from using the washroom.

Airdri’s energy efficient, reliable Quest™ and Quazar™ units both have low sound outputs, making them an ideal choice for Roadchef’s motorway service station washrooms.

Kevin Ellis, Airdri’s service engineer for Roadchef is responsible for installation, service and repair.  “Roadchef has noticed a huge improvement in the maintenance of its busy washrooms. They now have incredibly reliable, quieter and more environmentally-friendly dryers. Servicing is quick and easy, meaning my time can be used effectively when and where required.” Kevin reports.

Mike Jackson, Roadchef Director of Purchasing and Data says: “Roadchef has to cater for everyone – the young, the elderly, the able and the not so able so it is extremely important that our hand dryer choice does not exclude anyone from the washroom. Loud dryers can intimidate the young and be uncomfortable for those who are hard of hearing or on the autistic spectrum. We are delighted that Airdri continues to deliver both the products and the service Roadchef needs in order for us to meet the high standards that our customers expect of our washrooms. It is essential that the products we use are reliable, robust and cost effective and Airdri hand dryers tick all of those boxes – and more!”

To find out how Airdri can help improve your businesses washrooms, please contact our sales team: [email protected]