Introducing the Airdri Quantum™

This week we are launching the Airdri Quantum™, Airdri’s first jet hand dryer and the most energy efficient and long lasting dryer on the market. Its release is the culmination of many years of dedicated design and development work by our team of talented engineers who have ensured that it fulfils the needs of our customers while remaining in line with our company ethos of creating socially responsible and environmentally sustainable products. We are proud to add it to the Airdri hand dryer family.

The Airdri Quantum™ operates at just 200 Watts and has been awarded the GreenSpec PASS in light of its embodiment of our continued commitment to saving energy and an efficient use of resources. For our customers, this low energy usage equates to an electricity expenditure of just £5 per year, roughly 80% more cost effective than other high profile competitors.

In addition, the Airdri Quantum™ has the longest lifespan of any hand dryer on the market due to its entirely customised motor. Testing at our lab in Oxfordshire, UK has shown that the Airdri Quantum™ will last up to ten times longer than its most closely comparable competitors, which also contributes to its cost effectiveness over time.

As with all of the hand dryers in our range, the Airdri Quantum™ was designed in the UK and perfectly complements the other models in our product family. Like the Airdri Quad™ and Airdri Quazar™, it is ADA (American’s with Disabilities Act) compliant so an excellent choice for specialist washrooms where saving space is an important consideration.

If you would like to find out more about the Airdri Quantum™, please refer to the product page or contact a member of our Sales Team on 01865 882 330 today.