Keeping surfaces infection free

So, the time has come, as they said it would, to close schools, public places and many businesses for the foreseeable future, as Covid-19 continues to spread across the world.

When it comes to the infection’s transmission, the core messages from government and the NHS remain the same: wash your hands, often, and for at least 20 seconds, cover your nose with a tissue when you sneeze or cough, put tissues in the bin immediately after use, and wash your hands again.1 As we said in our last blog, it’s also vital to make sure you dry your hands properly after washing them, or much of your good hand hygiene work is undone. As the World Health Organisation states, at this time, both paper towels and warm air dryers are the best methods to use.

But as the virus shows little sign of slowing, we need to maintain our efforts and ensure that our hygiene habits are more robust than ever. And it’s not just about hand washing. Even though it is thought that the primary method of disease transmission is through touching your own face with contaminated hands, there is some evidence to suggest that keeping frequently touched surfaces disinfected will be key in reducing the number of cases.2 Although research is still in its infancy with this particular strain, coronaviruses – in general – are thought to be fairly resilient in terms of how long and where they can survive outside the body.3 This is a worry in the germ-prone washroom, especially as there is also evidence that germs can survive on some surfaces for days rather than hours.4

As some business environments and health and social care settings are still open to the public, it is vitally important to implement a thorough surface-cleaning rota and to invest in the right products to keep your staff, customers and visitors safe.

In addition to regularly disinfecting all washroom surfaces, products like the Airdri Air Purifier, will prove to be one of the most effective solutions for infection control in restrooms. The unit can sit discreetly in the top corner of a washroom, covering a floor area of up to 30m2, and is proven to kill up to 98.11% of viruses and bacteria that can be found on surfaces and in the air. This product has already been installed in our two production facilities in China and our UK headquarters to help protect colleagues.

We must do all we can to continue to fight the spread of infection. Making sure that your washroom is not contributing to the problem is the sensible and responsible course of action. Washrooms should be held to the highest possible standards of cleanliness at the best of times, but in these unprecedented moments, we need to make sure good hygiene is even higher on the agenda. We should, and must, do our bit – wash and dry hands frequently, keep surfaces clean, and use products to purify air to minimise the risk.