Maintenance Procedure

Warning: Risk of electric shock – Disconnect power supply before removing cover.

To maintain the exterior of the dryer:

The exterior of the dryer, including the automatic controller lens and the air inlet grille, should be cleaned with a damp cloth, DO NOT use aggressive cleaners or solvents as they can permanently damage the surface. A proprietary furniture polish can be used, however performing a test on a small area is recommended.

Airdri dryers are drip proof (IP21 or better, see rating label), DO NOT allow liquids to enter the unit.

To maintain the interior of the dryer:

Cleaning or maintenance of the interior of the dryer must be undertaken by a competent person every six months or more frequently in a dusty/high usage environment.

  • Turn off all power to the dryer
  • Remove the cover
  • Using a small brush or vacuum, carefully clean out the build-up of dust and lint
  • Check the length of the motor brushes. If less than ½” (12.7mm) replace. Check that motor brushes are installed correctly and that the brushes are worn evenly
  • Clean controller lens
  • Replace cover
  • Turn power back on
  • Test operation of unit
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