Meet the most advanced virus and bacteria control technology of its kind

The past few weeks have seen a shift from strict lockdown measures to a more relaxed society. From retail and hospitality to leisure facilities and offices reopening their doors, there is certainly more movement, as people edge towards some sense of normality at the government’s request.

We’re seeing encouraging signs: COVID-19 deaths and new infections are falling week by week and the nation is praying that the worst is over. But the reality is that the virus is still in circulation and we could very easily revert back into lockdown if hygiene and social distancing measures are not enforced. As we teeter on the edge of a potential second wave, it has never been more important to ensure that the public is protected in as many ways as possible.

Earlier this year, before the coronavirus outbreak, we launched our first washroom air purifier. Promising to kill 98.11% of all airborne and surface bacteria, and eliminating the odours they cause, the unit provides a complete hygiene solution for the washroom setting.

But when the outbreak took over our society earlier this year, we made the rapid decision to expand our range, to provide vital protection for some of the environments most vulnerable to the virus.

From offices and medical surgeries, to retail and hospitality venues, the risk of picking up an illness of any sort increases in these areas. So, having a small, discreet unit that keeps bacteria at bay can make all the difference.

Our new Airdri Air Purifier PMA unit it suitable for larger areas of continuous occupation, such as open plan offices, large work areas and shops. It can cover an area of up to 80 sq m, lifting hygiene standards and protecting people from harmful bacteria.

Alternatively, our PSA unit is ideal for more sensitive settings such as care homes, medical surgeries and waiting rooms, cafes and salons. This unit is completely silent, covering smaller areas of continuous occupation of up to 20 sq m. The unit not only improves air quality, it also eliminates odours and mould.

So how do our units work? Germicidal irradiation by dual UV light kills micro-organisms by disrupting their DNA and removing their reproductive capabilities. This UV reacts with photocatalytic oxidation forming Hydroxyl Radicals which break down viruses, bacteria, moulds, fungi and volatile organic compounds. Targeted Ozone, produced by the specialist lamp in the Air Purifier, gets to the hardest to reach areas, breaking down contamination in the air and on all exposed surfaces. This Ozone damages the cell wall of micro-organisms, stopping reproduction and destroying the cell.

Of course, hygiene starts in the washroom but as our fragile society continues to live alongside COVID-19 until a vaccine is found, we need to ensure that all environments have 24/7 protection against airborne and surface bacteria. Our expanded range of air purifiers, coupled with thorough hand hygiene, can make a big difference in the battle against coronavirus, making our public spaces safer and more hygienic.

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