Reducing sound levels with the Quiet Mark©

Designing hand dryers that are inclusive to all users is one of Airdri’s core values, and part of this is a commitment to sound level reduction.

As hand dryers become faster and more powerful, the higher sound level they can omit is often forgotten, which can lead to a negative experience for some users. Our extensive research has helped us understand that small children, the elderly, people on the autistic spectrum and people with hearing impairments can be intimidated by the excessive sound of some hand dryers. Some will avoid using hand dryers, which can affect their level of hand hygiene after using a public washroom, and others will avoid the washroom all together.

At Airdri we have used our 40 years’ experience in hand dryer design and manufacture to create some of the quietest hand dryers on the market, without compromising their performance.

We have a long-established relationship with the UK Noise Abatement Society which we continue to value and grow. The Airdri Quartz™ was the first hand dryer in the world to receive the Quiet Mark in 2012, and helped shape an industry standard for quiet hand dryers. Since then, four of our biggest-selling models have been awarded the Quiet Mark and are renowned for being some of the quietest fast dry hand dryers on the market.

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