Why schools choose the Airdri Quazar™ and Quad™

No two washrooms are exactly the same. Each has its own unique user group and requirements. One of the more challenging washroom environments to cater for are those of schools as the user group is so varied. Students come from a vast array of backgrounds and age groups, so it is vital that all washroom equipment is inclusive of all.

Many schools have realised the benefits to be made by switching from paper towels to electric hand dryers. Hand dryers cost significantly less to run, require less maintenance and don’t create hazardous mess and waste around the washroom like paper towels. Ultimately they can also help schools towards meeting their carbon reduction targets.

The importance of hand hygiene in schools

Despite understanding the advantages, many schools are still opting for hand dryers that are unsuitable for their diverse environment. Installing a suitable hand dryer, that fully caters to the needs of its users, ensures better hand hygiene and overall health. Particularly young washroom users who are undeterred from using the facilities are far more likely to adhere to proper hand washing guidelines. At Airdri we have developed a distinct range of hand dryers, ensuring that the perfect model can be found for any washroom.

Our specialist sales team recommend the Airdri Quazar™ and Airdri Quad™ for school washrooms.

The Airdri Quazar™

The Airdri Quazar™ is one of the most inclusive hand dryers on the market. It’s already compliant with the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA), meaning it sits less than 4 inches from the wall surface, causing less obstruction and making it ideal for specialist washrooms catering to young children or those with disabilities.

It is also the quietest dryer in our portfolio. Young children, as well as those on the autistic spectrum and those with hearing impairments, are often deterred from using hand dryers out of fear of loud noises, so installing an Airdri hand dryer with the Quiet Mark ensures that no one is excluded from the washroom.

School washrooms have varied footfall throughout the day with high traffic occurring at peak times such as break time, which is why an energy efficient hand dryer is important. The Airdri Quazar carries the GreenSpec PASS award for its energy efficiency – operating at just 1kW. This equates to a cost of under £20 a year to run in a typical school washroom.

The Airdri Quad™

The Airdri Quad™ was built specifically to meet the ADA requirements (as above), making it ideal for specialist washrooms and those with limited space. Like the Quazar™, it also has a low sound level, which is a reflection of its position as one of the quietest high-speed hand dryers on the market. This, along with the excellent opportunity it presents for customer-led customisation as a result of its flat front fascia, is why the Airdri Quad™ has been transformed into cartoon characters and used in primary schools across the country.

When Chesterton Primary School heard about the Airdri Quad™, they knew they had found the perfect solution their school’s washroom needs. Rebecca King, School Business Manager at Chesterton Primary, said: “Now we are using this quieter dryer, with a bright and colourful hand hygiene message on the front, our pupils have much better motivation to wash their hands properly. The look and feel helps to encourage the children to be more proactive about hand-washing, as they want to use the dryer for fun. This, combined with practical advice in the classroom, is really helping to get the hand hygiene message across.”

To find out how Airdri can help equip school washrooms with ADA compliant, quiet and energy efficient hand dryers, contact our sales team at [email protected] and who will be delighted to help you find the perfect dryer for you.