Taking pride in Great British design

Great Britain possesses the largest design industry in Europe and is home to some of the most prestigious design museums and fashion houses in the world. We rank fourth in the world for design exports and UK designers and businesses win many global design awards annually.

As a country, we have a rich and colourful history of design dating back to the mid-18th Century and the first Industrial Revolution, when major changes occurred in manufacturing and technology.

At Airdri we are not only proud of the socially inclusive way our Engineers approach the design phase of our hand dryer product development, but also of our commitment to uphold the Great British design values of quality, simplicity and functionality that are recognised internationally.

It’s likely that very few people think about what goes on underneath the hoods of our hand dryers when they use them. However every component, from the motor brushes to the filters, has been carefully designed to provide the efficiency and user comfort we are renowned for.

We continue to design all of our hand dryers from our lab at our headquarters in Oxford, UK with our Engineers relying on the established Great British design principles, whilst taking the time to innovate and create greener, bolder and more reliable hand dryers.

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